Bed linen and terry program

Ideja offers a large selection of quality sheets, blankets, quilts and pillows of different types. Bedding are made of tightly woven cotton (damask) of foreign manufacturers, which is of exceptional softness and durability. For the purpose of furnishing the hotel bedding can be with matte and satin effect, while retail offers a wide variety of design and colours.
Natural materials provide an ideal balance of temperature and skin moisture, machine washing at high temperature and which are easy for ironing. There are single and bedding for a double bed, and can be manufactured in sizes according to customer specification for furnishing hotels. Our quilted program is characterized by high quality and carefully selected materials of German manufacturer. Pillows and quilts are filled with polyester or a combination of feathers and down in different relations.
Cushions are cotton, microfiber, or a combination of cotton and polyester. All pillows and quilts can be washed and provide:

  • good thermal insulation;
  • pleasant softness;
  • removal of the excess steam and perspiration;
  • low weight,
  • easy maintenance (washable at 60℃ and 95℃).

Terry program offers towels, bathrobes and hotel slippers of domestic and foreign manufacturers. Towels and robes are of different size and fullness of 400-850 g. It is possible to produce terry promotional programs with hotel logo, which contributes the visibility of your brand.


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