Change of decorative fabrics creates a fresh visual identity space. Our offer includes exclusive and high-quality decorative materials of foreign manufacturers. Exclusivity is guaranteed by continuous innovations in the program, which follow aesthetic impulses of the modern environment and current design trends. Curtains protect intimacy, control the brightness of natural light, heat, and bring a higher aesthetic quality of the space. Ideja offers a wide selection of top quality materials of different transparency, weight, colours and designs. Adequate material selection is accompanied by a selection of installation of curtains and moving mechanisms. In our offer is possible to find classic curtains, which are mounted on different types of curtain rods, and modern high-quality and reliable systems such as panel, blinds, and paketo curtains.

Price determines the quality of the curtain (FR, Trevira CS) and the type of the material (a thin curtain, draper, dimout, blackout), the length and width of the material, type of the selected mounting system, as well as accompanying elements such as haberdashery details, it should be predicted in advance. Ideja provides assistance in selecting the most appropriate systems and materials in accordance with the purpose and style of the space you furnish.


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