Living space

Interior design of living space is an inspiring challange for manufacturers of decorative fabrics. Ideja’s varied program includes high-quality upholstery fabrics, curtains and decorative haberdashery, which meets the individual requierements of diverse spectrum of clients. Experience in interior design of flats, apartments, houses and villas, confirms that quality and durability of the material is the primary for selection decorative fabrics.

Modern or classical design and the possibility of combining and switching details with the general design of living space, also plays equally important role. Ideja provides assistance in choosing from a vide range of colours, patterns and performance of materials to make your space with individual character, which reflect your lifestyle.

Offers for home furnishing:

  • The curtains
    (classical, paketo, blinds, panel)
  • Drapery
    (blackout i dimout)
  • Upholstery fabrics
  • Bed linen
    (bedding, pillows, quilts)
  • Bedspreads and runners
  • Terry program
    (towels, bathrobes, slippers)


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