Upholstery fabrics

Upholstery fabrics are decorative fabrics, used for coating elements of furniture. Selection of appropriate upholstery fabric provides durability and comfort of furniture and emphasize its design. Ideja offers a large selection of decorative fabrics from renowned manufacturers. Wide range of products allows users to create an environment, which is consistent with the use of space, the desired term and modern trends. Different colours, designs and textures of materials create authentic spaces that excite the idea, style, elegance and details. …more

Characteristics of upholstery fabrics:

In addition to the aesthetic qualities, which have great importance, there are other characteristics. Quality of upholstery fabric is determined by the type and composition of the fabric as well as certificates, indicating the specific characteristic of the material:

  • abrasion resistance (important for cafes, restaurants, hotels);
  • resistance to colour change when exposed to sunlight;
  • resistance to fire and the grill (important in public facilities);
  • maintenance mode (mode in which the material reacts on contact with the fluids, is particulary important for commercial buildings);
  • whether the materials are environmentally friendly;
  • whether materials absorb dust, whether in them collect dust mites, whether they are hypoallergenic tested;
  • if they can be used in open areas, whether they are resistant to humidity and rain.

Since the design is often beyond utilitarianism, when choosing upholstery fabrics should follow the aesthetic expression, which forms the desired character of the environment, and also can consult with Ideja’s experienced staff about the characteristics of the materials.


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